What is Mapov?

Mapov is an accommodation search engine on a map. We display the lowest prices from the main accommodation providers, you can be confident that you are getting the very best deal. Unlike traditional one-dimensional lists we display accommodation results on a two-dimensional map. This makes it so much easier to book accommodation when and importantly where you want.

Features of Mapov

Mapov enables you to:

  • Book accommodation anywhere in the world.
  • Compare leading accommodation providers to ensure your getting the best deal.
  • Ensure that your accommodation is exactly where you want to be (e.g. near the beach, tube station, tourist attraction).
  • Instantly check availability.
  • Filter results by price, star rating, and amenities.
  • Read reviews from TripAdvisor before booking accommodation.

How to use Mapov


Type the name of a city/town, place of interest, or zip/postal code into the search box. As you type suggestions will appear below, you can click on these to start your search. The locations of accommodation is shown with markers on the map. You can use the zoom function at the top right of the map to zoom in or out, or click and drag the map to move to other areas. You can turn the accommodation results off by clicking the "X" button at the top right of the results. To search for a new area simply enter a new location into the map search box in the left sidebar.


To chose your dates, click on the desired check-in date and then on the check-out date and press select. We also offer a dynamic date picker on the right side of the date picker area should you prefer this method of selecting dates.


Next select how many adults and children the booking is for. Press the "add room" plus icon if you need more than one room.

Using filters

Use the "Filters" on the left sidebar to narrow your search down to your exact needs.

Total Price: This lets you set the price range you are interested in and refers to the total price of the booking (i.e. total price for all the people and all the nights selected). Move the sliders along the scale and you will only see accommodation within that range.

Stars: This lets you select the standard of accommodation you are interested in . Move the sliders along the scale and you will only see accommodation within that range of star rating.

TripAdvisor: This lets you select the range of TripAdvisor review ratings you wish to see. Move the sliders along the scale and you will only see accommodation within that range.

Sort: Click on the drop-down menu to display the accommodation results in your preferred order such as "Price high to low".

Amenities: This lets you choose to only display the accommodation with specific amenities such as a swimming pool or gym. Simply type the amenity you need in the box and click the plus sign. As you type suggestions will appear, the number in brackets shows you how many accommodation have this amenity in your chosen location. You can add more amenities by repeating this process and take them away by pressing the delete icon.

Understanding accommodation search results

Hotel reviews

We display TripAdvisor at the bottom of our accommodation results. The average rating is displayed in the five green circles (the more green circles, the better the average review rating). Click on these ratings to read the reviews.

Comparing prices

Before you book you can assure yourself that you are getting the best value for your money by clicking on the compare prices at the bottom left of the accommodation result. A list will appear which shows the price each accommodation provider lists for that accommodation. To save you time and money the cheapest price is automatically shown in the top right corner of each advert.

Booking accommodation

When you are ready to book accommodation click the view deal button. This will take you to the cheapest accommodation provider where you will be able to review the accommodation, enter your details and make your booking.